When asking for remote assistance, you will need to install a software called TeamViewer to allow our technicians remote access of your computer. This will guide you through the process of installing the software.

1. Open up your web browser of choice. (I.E. Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Edge, Opera, etc.) 

2. Click on the address bar up top and type in "TeamViewer.com". 

3. Navigate the web page and locate "Download" near the top of the screen. 

4. Click Download, and then choose either "Windows" or "Mac" depending on what operating system your computer is running. Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 does not run on any other OS, so you can ignore the rest of the options for now. 

5. Click "Download TeamViewer". It should be a large green button near the top of the page. 

6. Once TeamViewer finishes downloading, open file explorer. It should be an icon on your taskbar that looks like a file, but if you can't find it you can also click on the start button and then type "File Explorer" 

7. Once the file explorer is open, you can then click "Downloads" on the left hand side of the window under favorites. 

8. Navigate the downloads folder for "TeamViewer_Setup_en.exe", and double click it. You can also right click the file and then click "Open". 

9. Once the setup launcher opens, choose the "Basic Install" option, choose "personal/noncommercial" use, and then click "Accept-Finish". 

10. If prompted to allow TeamViewer to make changes to your computer, click "Yes". 

11. TeamViewer will now install and when finished will open a splash screen detailing what's possible with TeamViewer – Remote Control. Click "Close" at the bottom right hand side of the window. 

12. That's it! TeamViewer is now installed!