Sometimes the easiest fix to an issue you are having is as simple as updating your software. This guide will show you exactly how to do this in Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2.

1. Launch Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 if it isn't already open by double clicking the desktop icon, clicking the icon on the taskbar if present, or by simply opening the start menu in windows and typing in "Dragon Medical Practice Edition", and then pressing enter. 

2. Once Dragon opens, wait for dragon to load a user profile. (Or select one if needed) 

3. When Dragon is finished loading, click on "Help" on the Dragon Bar. 

4. Scroll down until your find "Check for Updates" and click that option. 

5. If asked if you would like to allow Dragon Manager to make changes to your computer, click yes. 

6. When the software manager opens, it will automatically start searching for any new software updates that may be available. If it finds an available update, it will show up and you will have the option to install the update. If it does not find an update, that means that your software is up to date and there is no need for you to update your software!  

7. If it does find an update, click "Install" on the lower right hand corner of the software manager window. 

The software manager will then download and install the update and apply it to your software. When it no longer detects any new software, you can then close the software manager by clicking on the red X at the upper right hand corner of the window.