To change your dictation mode in Dragon, do the following: 

1. Launch Dragon Medical Practice Edition 2 if it isn't already open by double clicking the desktop icon, clicking the icon on the taskbar if present, or by simply opening the start menu in windows and typing in "Dragon Medical Practice Edition", and then pressing enter. 

2. Once Dragon opens, either select a profile to load or wait for Dragon to load your profile. 

3. Click on "Mode" on the Dragon Bar. 

4. Choose the mode you'd like to use from the menu and then click it to select it. 

There are five modes in dragon currently: 

  • Normal Mode: This is what you should be using most of the time. It's a combination of every other mode meaning you can speak commands, dictate, use numerals, etc. All without changing your mode. 

  • Dictation Mode: This mode is used for strictly dictation. Dragon will not recognize any commands or numerals in this mode. 

  • Command Mode: This mode is strictly used for commands. Dragon will not recognize any dictation that is not the name of your commands. 

  • Numbers Mode: This mode is strictly for dictating numbers. 

  • Spell Mode: This mode is strictly used for spelling out words letter by letter.